2011 Polo Your Way @ Hartwood Acres


Krol Media Associates, LLC Newsletter


Saturday, September 10, 2011



Polo Excitement
 Polo players on fieldP
Plan your day to the sound of pounding hoof beats, the baying of the hounds and the stomping of divits.


Polo hat vendor 2010
Traditional headgear for the ladies can be purchased onsite.


Family House Polo Vendor A-2
Shop for unique gifts or just to please yourself!
Family House Polo Vendor B
Shopping at the sport of Kings!
Family House Polo Vendor A
So many choices!
Ms. Fashion! 
Polo Baby & Mother
Polo enthusiasts start young! 



A fashionably dressed Mother and Daughter enjoy a day of sunshine and fun.

A Childhood Memory in the making. 

Polo-Child on horse
Experiencing the joy!

 The little ones are carefully tended while taking their first horseback ride and making friends with their favorite mount.

Polo-Old Couple
Celebrating with the traditional champagne toast.


Come join us for a day of family fun!  We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Susan Krol
Krol Media Associates, LLC

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